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About Us

What is Choozler?

Choozler is a new, growing, and exciting social community based on your questions and your answers to other people's questions. It's tempting to try and write a long disseration explaining the complexities of the interactions that take place here but, the truth is, it isn't any more complicated than this: Asking questions is fun. Answering questions is fun. Joining Choozler is fun.

The Tag Line

Every company needs a tag line, right? So we set out to think of a catchy phrase. One that would reach all corners of the internet amid a frenzy of viral tweets, posts, and shares. Hint: frenzily and virally tweet, post, and share about Choozler.com

Our first choice was "Its so easy even a cave man can do it," but we figured we'd probably get sued.

So we went for something a little shorter: "Got Choozler?" Apparently that was taken, too.

"There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's Choozler." Nope. No dice.

"Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands." Ok, that doesn't even make sense.

After giving it more thought, we honed in on what makes Choozler so much fun--it's cool. And who joins cool sites? Right, cool people join cool sites. So, we massaged that idea for a while and finally hit pay dirt:

We know, it sounds kind of peer pressurey. It's not. Rest assured, at Choozler, we eschew peer pressure. We despise it. But let's face it, everyone else is joining. All the cool people are here. Just try it once. What are you afraid of?

Don't be a loozler, join Choozler.

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