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Adore or Abhor. Either way it's time to move on.

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Adore or Abhor. Either way it's time to move on.
Those who adore homosexuality have made their opinions known. Those who abhor homosexuality have made their opinions know. Highly doubtful any opinions will be swayed or changed. Let's move on.
Created: June 3, 2018
By: Shep
Totals: 5 votes, 6 comments
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Choozlet Id: UOBZOuZ1ZZCi1vi
Yes, let's do.
3 votes
No, let us not.
2 votes
I'm not giving up on anything until I receive the apology that is due me.
0 votes


Voted: No, let us not.
2 weeks ago
As I've stated on another post, I have no plan to change my posting habits any more than I would expect you to change yours just because others may not like the content. I don't post to try to change someone's mind and I have yet to go on another user's thread and attack them because I didn't like the subject matter.
Voted: No, let us not.
2 weeks ago
I'm not posting my changin habits and I refuse to feel akward for posting material I feel is acceptable and relevant. If I don't like the topic, I ignore or I'll comments in the negatiuve. If someone else feel that way, they should do the same. Whatever...That's what happens. Someone always finds something to complain about.
This comment has been deleted.
reply to: deleted comment
2 weeks ago
So it would appear at the moment., John. But there is always hope ....
Voted: No, let us not.
2 weeks ago
Moving is a good suggestion. I would be more than happy to
2 weeks ago
Well, it was worth a shot. But there ya have it, folks. - at least to this point, anyway. Hopefully, it will change for the better, but unless others who have yet to comment chime in and say otherwise, I believe we can see from the responses and resolute refusal to adopt a greater semblance of civility, especially a sincere willingness to just leave the topic of homosexuality alone and move on to other subjects. ... there is little to no intention on the part of some, at least, to tone down the corrosive rhetoric.

But it is what it is. Sigh.
Voted: Yes, let's do.
A week and 2 days ago
keep it to yourself like you tell us too and we will be fine, shove it down societies throats force it on kids, and tell us we must accept your lifestyle and we will have a problem