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An idea.....

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An idea.....
Power; they say it corrupts and they say it for reason. I never knew power until that fateful day I went to visit my poor granny who wasn’t feeling well. Of course, I didn’t go right away, choosing instead to play a bit, but you can’t blame a little girl for wanting a bit of fun, can you?
You know the story right? All about how that Big Bad Wolf hurt and ate my granny and ate me. Thank goodness for that woodcutter. And those stones, we shouldn’t forget the stones they put in Big Bad’s body. Those lovely stones, that bind him to me. So my beloved hero, the brave and true woodcutter, imagine his surprise when I allowed Big Bad to eat him up. Gobble Gobble, oh how the blood splattered and sprayed.
Categories: Goofy Stuff
Created: October 8, 2018
Totals: 2 votes, 1 comment
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Choozlet Id: vqc1p5W021129DD
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5 days ago
I love the story of Red Riding Hood.