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Another genius move by the greatest president of my lifetime. *

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Another genius move by the greatest president of my lifetime. *
*I was too young to include Reagan in that statement.

So, the dopey Schultz mentions a run for president. It's doubtful he will/would anyway but Trump, in a single tweet, has just played it perfectly. By calling out Schultz as a coward he has taken a hard line against another billionaire / democrat. It puts him in the alpha position that he is so comfortable in and that, quite frankly, had a lot to do with his election in 2016.

On the other hand, if it gives Schultz something to prove, he will take away Dem votes, guaranteeing a Trump re-election which, even as a supporter, I would say is probably not very likely. So, I would look for Dems to pressure Schultz to STFU or join the Dem ticket.

So, another smart move by the President. This following the shutdown/wall issue. I get a kick out of the Democrats running victory laps when Trump has, almost passive-aggressively put them in a deeper hole on the wall issue.

Now that the shutdown is over, the SOTU will go on. Trump will highlight the need for a border wall in the most watched speech the president gives with denture-sucking Pelosi sitting right behind him. He should hightlight the fact that all these Dems voted for it in the past. Cant wait to see the nasty look on her face sitting behind him. And the Dems thought that Trump waiting to give the SOTU was a win for Pelosi- Ha! He wanted the forum and the optics and that old bat sitting on camera when he gives this speech. If he had to wait, so be it.

The country will be given fair warning that if the Dems dont negotiate in good faith, he will go it alone. So, either the Dems negotiate (that is called a Trump victory) or he uses other avenues and the Dems get NOTHING...HAHAHA.

Then the Rs address DACA/Dreamers with their own legislation. You know the Dreamers, those people that Pelosi refused to negotiate on behalf of. Can anyone say "rising percentage of latino vote" ?
Created: January 28, 2019
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Dems outsmarted again
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Dems just not very smart
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What have you been smoking, man?
reply to: What have you been smoking, man?
3 weeks ago
I wonder if President Trump will invoke obamacare tactics

those who don't Comply with the Wall will be subject to a fine and /or penalty
flame on!
A week and a day ago
Reagan. Gross.