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What is Choozler?

Choozler is a new, growing, and exciting social community based on your questions and your answers to other people's questions. It's tempting to try and write a long disseration explaining the complexities of the interactions that take place here but, the truth is, it isn't any more complicated than this: Asking questions is fun. Answering questions is fun. Joining Choozler is fun.

Join Choozler. Ask questions.

What is a Choozlet?

Ahh, Choozlets. A Choozlet is a very unique thing. Let me try to explain. A Choozlet has three components:

  1. A Question
  2. Choices for the question
  3. Discussion about the question and the choices
I know that is pretty theoretical so here is a real world example: Someone asks a question and then other people answer the question. A discussion ensues. Makes sense now, right? At this point, you might be thinking "Oh yeah, I get it, like a poll, right?"


These are Choozlets, not polls. There may be, let me emphasize may. Let me capitalize it as well--MAY--be some far out, totally convoluted and extremely illogical way you can compare the two, but a poll is a poll and a Choozlet is a Choozlet. If, while on this site, you are tempted to use the word "poll" or, heaven forbid, "question," or yikes, "a post," just look at the header on each page. It says Choozler. It doesn't say Pollzler, or Questionzer. No, it says Choozler. That is you. On this site, you are a Choozler. Because you chooze. See how we did that? Cool, right? So, you are a Choozler and a Choozler choozes on Choozlets. Remember, Choozlets, not polls, questions, or posts.

How do I create a Choozlet?

The upper left side of the navigation bar has the Create icon. Follow this. The page is pretty self-explanatory (we have worked hard to keep Choozler from getting all cluttered). You'll need a title. Choices are optional, and you have a checkbox to allow others to add choices. This comes in handy for any Choozlet that is open-ended. For example: "What is your favorite movie?" In a situation like this, don't try to list every option. Trust us, there are a lot of movies and you will here for a very long time. Instead, just list a couple and let others add choices.

I see a lot of images and videos in the polls Choozlets. How do I add them?

To add images or videos you simply type (or better yet, paste) the URL into the comment or Choozlet. It's that simple. Here is what happens:

  • If you paste a link to a page, the link will become a live link that can be clicked.
  • If you paste a link to an image (ends in .gif/.png/.jpg) the image will be embedded.
  • If you paste a link to a YouTube video, the video will be embedded. You should copy the link from the address bar of the browser and the format will be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtH9Yllzjcc

What is Choozler's moderating policy?

We'd like to not even have one--but you know we have to. So, here's the deal. We are not big fans of stifling speech or opinions. Choozler is an opinion site, after all. To that end, there is a good deal of leniency for content posted here. We understand that debates can get pretty heated, words aren't always chosen appropriately, and sometimes things just "come out the wrong way." That's all well and good, but we do expect members to be aware of their conduct and to act responsible. Vulgarity, hate speech, and using your Choozler account for personal vendettas can get you suspended or permanently banned. Hopefully it won't have to come to that. If it does, then you must have REALLY crossed the line.

We have provided a Block feature. When you block someone, they can no longer message you, or comment on your Choozlets. This way, you should be able to manage your Choozler experience. We do ask, however, that you afford a little leniency before blocking as well. Remember, sometimes things just come out the wrong way. It's an opinion site, remember.

Can I change my username?

No. Once your username is created, it can't be changed. If you sign in through a social media account, the name of the social media account will become your username. However, we do have Display Name, which can be changed in your profile page. So, while your username can't be changed, the name that shows up on your Choozlets and comments can be changed.

Can I create more than one account?

If you must. We prefer one account per person because additional accounts tend to be created for, dare we say, nefarious purposes. But we know that isn't you so, yes, you can create more than one account.

I have two accounts. Can I combine them?

See, this is why we prefer just one account per person. Sometimes, however, a user might come to the site and sign in with Facebook which creates an account. Then, they sign in at another time with Twitter, which creates a second account. If this happens and you need to merge the two accounts, use the Contact Us page to send a request.

What are notifications?

Choozler has three types of notifications: Email, message, browser push. You can receive notifications by any and all of these methods, for a slew of events such as when someone favorites your Choozlet, or follows you, or comments on your Choozlet, etc. The notifications are managed on your Settings page. Email is pretty obvious but we'll say it just to be safe: you get notified via email. Messages are notifications that are sent to you through your Choozler inbox. Browser push is a little different and really deserves its own section.

What are browser push notifications?

Yay! Browser push got its own section. When you sign up for browser push notifications, you are notified via a small window that pops up in the lower right corner or your browser (some browsers on different platforms may change the location of the window). The cool thing about this is that, while your browser must be open, you don't need to be on Choozler at the time in order to get a notification. Although, for the life of us, we don't know why you would have your browser open and NOT be on Choozler, but that probably deserves its own space, too. In any case, we highly suggest opting in to the browser notifications at will greatly enrich your Choozler experience. You will see a green bell in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Just click this and you are opted in.

Is there a Choozler app?

Not yet. Choozler is still new and we are working to refine its features and user experience. So, we are holding off on an app until we are more certain of how it should function. However, Choozler.com is fully mobile ready. It works on any phone, tablet, etc. absolutely perfectly.

Is there a Widget for me to use in my web page?

Yes. Every Choozlet page has a "Widget" link. Follow this link and we will generate a few lines of code that you can add to your web page. We won't go into too much detail here, you can read more about the Choozler widget here.

Why do I see "Preview Not Available" when uploading an image?

Choozler makes use of HTML5's canvas property to show image thumbnails during upload. In some cases, a browser may have this feature disabled. In this case, you will see "Preview Not Available" in place of the thumbnail. Note that mobile devices embed metadata into pictures taken with the device's camera and, many times, this metadata specifies an incorrect orientation (the image may be marked as a landscape image when it is, in fact, a portrait image). With HTML5 canvas disabled, this will cause the image to upload turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise. If that happens, you should enable the canvas in your browser or compensate by rotating the image before uploading.

How can I format text in Choozlets and comments?

Choozler supports a limited amount of standard markdown as follows:

Italic: surround text with a single asterisk.
Bold: surround text with two asterisks.
Bold and Italic: surround text with three asterisks.
Strikethrough: surround text with two tildes.
Quote: start the line with a less than sign.

The following text...

This is something *italicized*.
This is something **bold**.
This is something ***bold and italicized***.
This is something in ~~strikethrough~~.
This is a quote:
>Don't be a loozler, join Choozler.

Will look as follows...

This is something italicized.
This is something bold.
This is something bold and italicized.
This is something in strikethrough.
This is a quote:

Don't be a loozler, join Choozler.