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Protect yourselves from Trump's people. Arm yourself

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Protect yourselves from Trump's people. Arm yourself
Soon, Trump's minions will start slaughtering anyone that disagrees with them.
They will be targetting minorities like Mexicans & Hispanics, black, Gays...
They will be targetting anyone who helps them or engages in any programs designed to fight them.
They have no deceny or morals.
They will try to get you fired from your jobs, rape your wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters, and they will try to kill you and your family eventually.

This is how the fasist Right wing works.

Hitler came to power as a democratically elected official by an economically oppressed nation, and then, he bagan to chisel away at rights & freedom rapidly progressing in to a right-wing, authoritarian dictator.

Are you prepared to let Trump & Company murder you and your family?
Created: August 4, 2018
Totals: 0 votes, 2 comments
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3 months ago
I pray not but today there are Right Wing Hate groups openly protesting in Portland. They are openly bragging that they will be armed. These creatures should not be allowed to breath much less protest. They are the filth of this nation and the world.
3 months ago
One of the dumbest things I've read all day.