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She's a woman so woman should support her?!

Hi all. I have turned off notifications counts for now. Youll still get notifications and messages in app, but the counter is off.
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She's a woman so woman should support her?!
How did that work out last time?
Created: May 8, 2018
Totals: 3 votes, 3 comments
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Choozlet Id: aVHgUDxbDxq5bpk
Hell No
1 votes
Sure! A female tuture lover is groovy
0 votes
2 votes


Voted: Other
2 weeks ago
I really don't know anything about her, but I've heard there's a special place in hell for me because I don't subscribe to the idea of supporting someone based upon their genitalia.
2 weeks ago
reply to: I really don't know anyth...
I agree with you so much about that.
During the primaries, I was super irate about the notion that women should be voting for Clinton. My God, what a stupid idea.
Voted: Other
A week and 3 days ago
She is VERY qualified for the office to which she is being considered for. She is a woman. Now which of those 2 lines will have me supporting her? Oh yea... Since I am not a sexist I will go with the first.