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The fake news is out of conrol.

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The fake news is out of conrol.

The headline says it all... Trump in trouble in Florida poll

Uh-oh. This sounds serious! Until you get to the very last sentence in the article:

surveyed 602 voters overall and included an oversample of 300 Democrats

Do any of you Democrat fools realize you much you are being manipulated???
Created: March 6, 2019
Totals: 0 votes, 2 comments
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A week and 4 days ago
While polls purport to report public opinion, their true purpose is to sway opinions...and votes.

The same massaging, manipulation, and misdirection is used in 'fake news', using statistics, and the design and presentation of 'scientific' studies goes into creating, taking, and reporting polls. As politicians/political parties, corporate advertisers, special interests, and governments are well aware...people will swallow anything if presented properly, and the effort required to make it palatable becomes negligible if the audience has been properly 'educated' and/or there are enough distractions.

Few people today read beyond the headlines, there's lots of shiny objects, and precious little critical thinking in American society today. And that is not a partisan statement, as I routinely see the evidence of such across the political spectrum.
A week and 2 days ago
All the stations seem to be interested in only showing what they feel is the truth, regardless of other opinions