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I'm a mother, a sister, a wife, and a little bit of a crazy person. Not necessarily in that order. If you need to know more, message me.
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Photography, Music, Pottery, Reading, Sewing/Knitting, Writing, Cooking
Political views:
Food Industry
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Who is the one person from history you would most like to meet?What is the best ethnic food?How often do you excercise?When was the last time you played a board game?What kinds of movies do you enjoy most?
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Congratulations to Tess Thompson Tally on a successful hunt and a clean kil
Congratulations to Tess Thompson Tally on a successful hunt and a clean kil
Not sure if this is legit or sarcastic. I''m not a hunter, and never could be one. I just wouldn''t be able to do it whether it''s a giraffe or a squirrel. But I do support people''s right to hunt as ...
Make America liberal again
This upcoming midterm should be a very interesting election. I''m curious to see what the Socialist victory in New York will mean. It''s hard to say if it is just a small victory for the Socialists as...
If accused of doing something, should the accuser provide proof?
I don''t plan to get involved in the personal**tats and I don''t know all the details. But from an objective point of view yes, if you''re going to accuse somebody of something, then the burden of pro...
Gunman At Gazette Was Again WHITE-- Where Are Those Muslim Terrorists?
The need to watch and prevent domestic terror attacks and terror attacks from Muslims or others entering the country, is simply apples and oranges. Both are dangerous and deadly. Which one is more pre...
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What's the story behind your screen name?
Its just my real name
A Mind Is A Complex Object. Do You Agree?
America Lost. Do You Agree With This Meme?
Melania Trump wears ‘I really don’t care, do U?’ jacket on her border visit
I really don't give a damn about those immigrants either
Has Anyone Ever Walked In On You While You Were Doing The Wild Thing?
No.... Never. Here's Why.....