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How best to drown one's sorrows?What is the #1 item on your bucket list.What is the first thing you would spend money on if you won $50,000,000?Why are conservative women so much prettier than liberal women?Did you ever get a "sign" from someone who has died?
Recent Comments
"Hi! I'm Donald Trump! I'm going to put your child in a cage"
Anyone that has kids understands... Some need to be in a cage
DJT says he respects military. Yet allows those who served to be deported
Is he really deporting citizens of this country after they have served? That is wrong.
Why can't I live in a capitalist society and not criticize capitalisim?
"Healthcare should be provided to every single US citizen"because... you said so? "The cost of caring for uninsured sick people sick is way more on tax payers than ensureing they have healthcare to b...
Why can't I live in a capitalist society and not criticize capitalisim?
I dont believe that is how the conversation goes regarding healthcare.And, wanting everyone to have healthcare, govt provided, is not, as the title of your post says... criticizing capitalism...
Billy Joel songs... which are your favorites?
Tough to choose as, to me, this is one of the greatest artists of all time. An elite songwriter, prodigy of a pianist, and unmatched control of vocals.Scenes from an Italian restaurant is a masterpiec...
Recent Votes
Will Ivanka Trump be the first female president of the United States?
I think Ivanka was prettier before her plastic surgery. You?
Pretty before and after
Is marijuana addictive?
What is the #1 item on your bucket list.
Write a book.
guess who stole the money, democrat or republican, then read the article.