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Dru.Dixon aka
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Don't AskMake America liberal againWhy is it, when the ratings drop, Melania is trotted out?
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"Our conservative friends are ducking their heads in shame."
I do know him and now you have given me a reason to go and really check out his FB page. LOL! You know I am really stumped in trying to remember it''s name. It was just so damn important to me....
"Our conservative friends are ducking their heads in shame."
I was given the job of mod on one of Chris''s SH groups to be "supposedly" the liberal voice. From the get go, Virginia, Matt Clark and the other Nazis tried to get me thrown off, And good old Matt su...
"Our conservative friends are ducking their heads in shame."
I went to answer one of your post and the message came down below that you had blocked me. AND... I couldn't respond.
I want to see Most Recent Choo zlets, not Top Choo zlets. What about you?
There are actually some features that really need to be added to this site. 1. Decent notification feature. 2.A way to explain our questions. 3. And yes, recent choozlets listed would be great....
"Our conservative friends are ducking their heads in shame."
I want this site to be inclusive of both Liberals and Conservatives. The Soda Head groups were taken over by conservatives and as a result they are tanking.
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Bela Lugosi Has Always Been My Favorite Count Dracula: Who Is Yours?
This Actor
I am
Trump will fill a second Supreme Court seat. Good or bad?
Good news? Trump will Reverse policy on seperating children....
We'll see
Would you love for Trump to be locked in a cage in the desert?