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Dru.Dixon aka
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Actual voting might have helped?Amiwrong?Meet the New Boss?Can you stand by your pet all the way to the end?Obama, please run again.
Recent Comments
Jon Tester wins reelection in Montana despite Trump campaigning against him
I am glad too. Does anyone know how Arizona is shaping up?
Attorney general sessions resigns at Trump's request
He was FORCED to resign. Trump is already starting sh it.
Blue wave!!!!!
Hey Republicans: Whose Sorry Now?

Wasn't a blue wave, it was a blue tsunami.
Trump after Pennsylvania shooting: 'bring back the death penalty'
Trump did alot more obscene things than just stupidly calling for the death penalty after the Pittsburgh massacre. He went on to rallies and then tweeted about baseball the night it happened.
Hillary Clinton leaves door open for 2020 run: 'I'd like to be president'
Right on. She is true profile in strength, courage, and class.
Recent Votes
Would you be on here more if Choozler was running faster?
Yes, I would be here more if it ran better.
Congrats to the WINNER of the 2018 US Women's Tennis Open. Naomi Osaka..
Congratulations, Naomi. Well played!
Do you agree with John Kerrys criticism of Dotard Trump?
Lets play a game...
A trip back into time?
Thank God, I am not on this site much