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JudasGoat aka
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Trump is looking more grotesque than usual, Is he terminally ill?Do You Support the Satanic fonicator Trump and his horde of Scumbags?"Sully" Sullengberg is voting Dem. So am I. American Heros can't be wrongWa state lawmaker how-to guide on killing non-believers in a 'holy war' ?!Right Wing responsible for planting Bomb at Soros Home? You Betcha!
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Dems to go after Trump's taxes. But...
Trump wouldn''t hide his taxes if he had nothing to hideI wouldn''t count on Judges sworn to uphold the laws and the constituion protecting Trumps fat ass. In the end, they are not Trumps **** boys...
California shooting. Odds are it is yet another non-white.
DERP...Crack Shot white marine

Another White terrorist
Polls just closed on the East coast. Are you watching election coverage?
Uh huh Check and Balances.Did you see Trump''s unhinged Press conference today? WOW! He tried to put a positive spin, but it was obvious he was Pissed & Upset. All that and he was singing Pelosi''s p...
Blue wave!!!!!
You are one triggered little baby, @zombie8 Do you think your many rants, your many comments, your many replies, your replies to your own replies mean anything? Who are these for? LOL What is the ou...
Polls just closed on the East coast. Are you watching election coverage?
Now, When Trump talks, Pelosi will be sitting right behind him. Checks & Balances
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Would you love to have Barack Obama back as president?
I am hoping that the GOP gets thumped hugely tomorrow. Do you too?
Alec Baldwin: 'We Need To Overthrow The Government'
I agree
Explosive Devices Found in Mail Sent to Hillary Clinton and Obama
Did Trump have Jamal Khashoggi murdered?