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knowitall aka
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I am a born again believer in Jesus. Southern Baptist deacon. Many years before I became a Christian I thought I was one and even dreading hearing God's word and not believing in God. Until the Holy Spirit gave me faith to know and then I confessed I am a sinner and without Jesus and then asked Jesus in. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches me His words. And I will not back down from telling about Jesus and the good news of His salvation. Nothing can compare with all that is ours in Christ when we find salvation. Forgiveness. Justification. Adoption. Eternal life. I am also disabled after back surgery. I also have a neurological problem. Back in the 80's when I was working people noticed things going on and I did not know it. People notice things going on now but never tell me what they see.
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Photography, Reading, Computers, Video Games, Cooking
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Arguing.God is indeed always in controlWhich way to go?Do you obsess over having a clean car?I want a cheezeberger no picklez!!
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Actually I have wanted to close this account because of all the arguing. And all the talk about blocking. It is all a put off for me and I never have run across one like this before where nobody seems...
What is something you've done out of the kindness of your heart?
I saw the account of finding the phone, so this I''ll tell this one. I found a cell phone in the middle of the street and brought it inside and called a recent call on it. Got the one who lost it and ...
Hey, Choozlerians: Let's Talk About Block/Mute Feature Optimization
I prefer to not block anyone. The auto block is horrible you cannot unblock. I tried to toggle it (unblock and block and unblock again) and then got an email I was blocked by the same one again who ha...
Would you be in support of banning ALL political posts on here?
I just don''t participate in the political talk. It''s that easy. I used to; but found people just love to argue. Just as debates change quickly into name calling and put down ruckuses. Then I see the...
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Small Group Of White Supremacists Rally In D.C. Amid Mass Counterprotests
They are trash
I'm going to The Bronx this weekend, alone. There's a point here.
Stupid is as stupid does.
Pastor Swanson: God is burning down California because of gay people
That is totally ridiculous
What was your favorite subject in school?
I hated everything about school
Should welfare recipients be drug tested?
I have no opinion