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Marshall.Burgess aka
Marshall Burgess
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Do Black Lives Really Matter to Democrats?
I do not support cops shooting Black men or women. I believe a bad cop needs to be prosecuted.
Do Black Lives Really Matter to Democrats?
All lives matter no need to single out one ethnic group.
Why are Democrats blind to the fact that Trump is better than Obama?
Yes the Democrats and some Republicans support murder. Have you ever seen a fetus that was aborted I have. It's outright MURDER
Liberals are the doers. Conservatives are the dead weight.
So are the Dumocrats
Do you support the National Anthem protests?
Get down on your knees then because you can't handle the truth. You have a right b to free speech but it's a fact you can't fix stupid in your cade
Recent Votes
Should there be term limits for the US Congress?
Do You Stand With Maxine Waters Against Donald Trump?
Should we simply accept that politicians are dishonest?
yes, I don't trust them.
Did You Know Trumpler Says Critics 'Better Just Take It Easy'?
I'm going to tone it down some
Are the Democratic socialists going to save us?