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Marshall.Burgess aka
Marshall Burgess
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Do Black Lives Really Matter to Democrats?
I do not support cops shooting Black men or women. I believe a bad cop needs to be prosecuted.
Do Black Lives Really Matter to Democrats?
All lives matter no need to single out one ethnic group.
What will a gay marriage certificate be worth when we get a new SC justice?
It will be worth less as it is immoral.
U.S. Representative Maxine Waters: Donald Trump Will Not Stop Me
She is lying two fsc3d nobody.
People are threatening to boycott Walmart for selling 'Impeach 45' clothing
Walmart isn't the only store in town.
Recent Votes
Dishonest progressive falsely claims racist is Trump supporter.
Here is the proof this man is a Trump supporter...
Do you know anyone that refuses to see the whole picture?
America Needs Someone Tough Like Churchill To Speak Out Against Trump
Is There An Upside To Santuary Cities?
No, Sanctuary Cities are an affront to our immigration laws and national security.
Do You Feel Sorry For The NFL?
All of the above.