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have autonomy of your own body is important but...so truereligion of "peace" hard at workfascism is misunderstood like communism is misunderstoodproof Judas said he would happily "defend" himself against people
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so true
please do, please expose abortion for what it is: MURDER of the most innocent human life. showing pictures of dead humans will go a long way.
Did you think the left couldn't get any stupider?
its ok for liberals to divide and conquer, oh so wrong for conservative to give his/her opinion
What is on your fall check list?
1 listen to viking music
2 listen to bands like caladan Brood https://youtu.be/KUlvIq-TDGI
3 spend some time in the mountains/foothills and enjoy the fall weather
4 work
5 hike
ANTIFA should be armed. Would you contribute?
you couldn;t tell the difference between left and right if it slapped you across the face, here is a quiz for you you have to guess if it was Hitler or antifa or both who did it:burned buildings destr...
Is "insulting" someone by referring to them as gay...homophobic?
Phobia isn;t even the right term, is anyone hear afraid of homosexuals? no, NO WE ARE NOT! phobia is an irrational fear. disagreeing with a lifestyle is not a phobia
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Is It Discriminatory When An Eatery Doesn't Offer Allergen-Free Menu Items
Yes, Because......
Oh NO!! Equality Strikes #MeToo
Meh. Just MORE hypocrisy from the left. Nothing stellar.
Would DJT "Encourage" A Hit On Omarosa In Order To Have Her Silenced?
No, He Wouldn't Stoop That Low Because...
You Have An Opportunity To Say Something To Steve Irwin From The Other Side
I Would Tell Steve This...
Not Only Is Omarosa Hot, She's Also Very Shrewd. She Has Her Dirt On Audio
15 Minutes Of Fame Because.....