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Trump Lie: Germany only get's 9% energy from Russia.; not 60-70%
Do you know the NATO phonetic alphabet?
If that is what the US Army uses then yes. I was in communications when I was in.
22-year-old Christian preacher clarifies he wants gays executed ‘humanely’
Oh look... A misguided A-hole. there is one in every crowd. His view isn't a Christian view.
Are you hyper-partisan or capable of agreeing with the other side sometimes
I will listen. I can do that. IF I agree I will say so. I am liberal-lite on some of the social issues. But I am very conservative on fiscal and security issues. Then toss in a dose of libertarian on ...
Do you change your entire political belief because someone offended you?
LOL, no. I can handle being offended. There is no right to never BE offended in any society let alone a free speech one. If you don''t like what I say and are offended then so be it. https://youtu.be...
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Do you know the NATO phonetic alphabet?
When honoring is anything but ...
Many DemLibProgs will vehently attack anything that smacks of patriotism.
Are you Proud to be an American?
You Kneel
Simply brilliant
How many people have you blocked or have you blocked?
I've never blocked anyone