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LABOR DAY-- A Day To Honor Women Who Endure The Pain Of Childbirth
Yeah, I think I understand why my mom only had one kid.
Pizza... soft crust, hard crust, or no crust?
Soft crust. I prefer thicker crust too.
Since gay males don't want women, does that mean they are misogynists?
This is the stupidest question I've ever read in my entire life.

Since straight men don't want men, does that make them man-hating feminazis?
Have you ever "Flagged" something here on Choozler?
Nope. I would only flag a direct insult or threat.I see lots of posts here that I think are terrible for various reasons, but I won''t flag them unless they''re a direct insult or threat to another us...
Do you think that man will ever set foot on Uranus?
Wow. Myanus sure is fascinating :P
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