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When can we impeach Trump already, I'm tired of all the greatness.would you rather control the house or the Senate?Did you think the left couldn't get any stupider?Kamala Harris is a pretty disgusting liar, huh?I thought illegals from the southern border were good people?
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Liberal slut trying to get revenge the only way they know how... lying!
Update from me. Initially, i felt that whatever happened 36 years ago is not relevant when the last 36 yrs have been clean and commendable. That was to say initially beleived the claim.As time has pas...
Why is job hunting so stressful?
Youre right. Actually I guess it is always tough to find a job. I was questioning the "in this market" part of the above comment because comparing to other time periods, there seem to be a lot of jobs...
Use Of Physical Discipline In Child-Rearing: Acceptable Or Abusive?
How long ago was that? I always had the view that a phone is not a need, it is a want and their is no need for a young teen to have a phone. But the reality is that it has become the norm. Its one thi...
Use Of Physical Discipline In Child-Rearing: Acceptable Or Abusive?
Yes, I have no doubt it is rare. But will it remain rare?

And yes, the ex has a lot to do with this. But still, it is troubling.
Use Of Physical Discipline In Child-Rearing: Acceptable Or Abusive?
And we continue toward a path of this: https://abc7.com/4297967/
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French Fries or Onion Rings?
Onion Rings
The Importance of Body Autonomy
would you rather control the house or the Senate?
Pizza... soft crust, hard crust, or no crust?
no crust
What is on your fall check list?
I PLAN.......