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Hi all. I have turned off notifications counts for now. Youll still get notifications and messages in app, but the counter is off.
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Why don't Samsung and Android listen to me?Anyone remember WKRP in Cincinnati?If you have ever dieted, is there a specific plan that has worked for you?Did Obama disregard the Constitution?Why can't progressive see who they really are?
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Why do Republicans think they are above the law? What's that? The Don't?
Trolling again? This happens on both sides. Try to be a little honest.
Do you support the National Anthem protests?
How am I biased? I have stated on multiple occasions how I agree with much of the criticisms of trump. I don't make any excuses. All I say, is that I only care about the wall. So is it possible to be
Trump cancels Kim summit amid North Korea 'hostility'
But half the population disagrees with you?
It's unconstitutional for Trump to block people on Twitter
"Nothing trumblo does is constitutional."

Wow. Don't you guys want to at least pretend to be normal, thinking, people?

In any case. I think the issue is that he is a political figure a
Do you support the National Anthem protests?
And as for doing a good job. As far as Im concerned he has one job - build a wall.

If it takes 8 years and that is the only thing he accomplishes, he is a fantastic success.

I have my

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Loopy Pelosi Babbles Gibberish, Blames Farmers For 'Self-Inflicted Damage'
That time came years ago
Right To Work Law??
I Support Right to Work because ...
What challenging thing are you working through?
I struggle with this............ and I'm doing this to fix it!
For the perpetually butthurt blockers - and we all know who they are.
It would seem the perpetually butthurt have a severe mental problem.
Do you agree with Palestinian efforts to combat Jewish oppressors?