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Get a Widget For Your Website

If you have a self-hosted WordPress site (or a business plan at wordpress.com) you can find our plugin/widget at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/choozler-polls-and-opinions/

Get the javascript code for your widget below

Choozlet Id: D8uJ73o3AxAUxA9

Follow the two simple steps below to generate code for a widget, add it to your web page, and increase web traffic.

1) Where on your web page do you want the widget?
Select one of the four options from the dropdown menu below. You'll be able to see the widget on this page when you change the dropdown. For "inline", the widget will be shown at the bottom of the page.
  • inline: The widget will display in the flow of your HTML like any other element. (see the bottom of this page)
  • slide-from-left: A tab will be added on the left side of your page. When the tab is clicked, the widget will slide onto the screen from the left.
  • slide-from-right: Same as slide-from-left but the tab will be on the right.
  • slide-from-bottom: Guess where this tab will be?
2) Add the following two sections of code to your webpage

Add this within the <head> section:
<script src="https://www.choozler.com/js/widget_head.js"></script>
Add this within the <body> section where you want to place the widget.
<div id="D8uJ73o3AxAUxA9">
   <a href="https://www.choozler.com/wchoozlets/D8uJ73o3AxAUxA9">Opinions at Choozler.com</a>

*Note: Only the "placement" parameter can be modified (with one of the other valid values). The rest of the generated code should not be modified. However, there are many parameters that can be added to customize the widget.

Add this within the <body> section where you want to place the widget.
Add this line anywhere in the <body> section. The exact location doesn't matter since the widget will not be inline. But be sure not to break the flow of existing <div> tags. It's a good idea to place it just after <body> or just before </body>
That's it! Your webpage will now have the Choozler widget.

Below is what your inline widget will look like.
Don't forget to check out how to customize your widget.